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SM18L - 8164 kg Four Post Hoist

SM18 / SM30 Features


  • Single point release air-locks save valuable working time by releasing all four spring loaded column locks with the push of a single button.
  • The non-skid surface allows a sure grip for tires and a “sure foot” for technicians standing on the lift.
  • Automatic ramp chocks engage in the rear when the lift is raised. Drive through models engage in the front and rear.
  • The adjustable latch bar ensures the runways are level at any of the multiple locking positions. (SM18 series only)
  • Front wheel stops can easily be replaced by optional drive through ramps
  • The hydraulic cylinder and lift mechanism is located underneath the runway which eliminates external obstructions that can potentially damage the vehicle doors.


SM18 / SM30 Options and Accessories


  • A Filter/Regulator/Lubricator supplies clean, lubricated air to your rolling jacks and air powered hand tools for longer life. (standard on SM18 series, optional on SM30 series.)
  • Internal airline connections let two rolling jacks operate simultaneously. (Standard on SM30 series, optional on SM18)
  • Rolling jacks with a variety of adapters lift front, rear or all wheels off the runways for brake, tire, alignment and suspension work. When idle, the jacks roll out of the way to provide unobstructed workspace between runways. Auxiliary axle adapters are standard with rolling jacks. (model RJ9000, and FC5710)
  • Lube work is made easy when a rolling drain pan with splash guard, drain valve and dust cap is added. An eight foot drain hose with a quick disconnect fitting is also available.
  • Alignment kits can be added to four-post lifts. Bolt-on alignment kits include a turning radius gauge kit (front) and rear slip plate kit, great assets for alignment work.